Giveaway time!

It's really busy at Adventures and Tea Parties headquarters this month. Lots of exciting things happening, which of course I'm keeping under wraps until I'm allowed to blurt them out! One thing I can share, is this awesome giveaway, which my hand embroidered vintage phone notebook is a part of! The lovely Kim from Love Cloth is running the giveaway and oh how badly I want to enter it. As that would be a tad crazy winning my own design (ha!), pleeeease can you enter?! Then if you win you can tell me how awesome those goodies are, especially that clock necklace :-) 

Oh and before you start saying how much my photography has improved (ha!), I must interject. These photos are not mine, they're the lovely Love Cloth Kim's. She was a super star and let me share them on my blog, so all credit goes to Kim. Wish I could photograph to this standard!

Good luck on the giveaway everyone!

Ta ra for now!
Jo :-) x