Thrifty purchases

I found out yesterday, from a lovely work colleague, about a little charity shop at one of the two hospital sites that I work at. Well, today being Thursday is my day at t'other site and so, as soon as the clock struck midday, I was up and out into the sunshine to find said charity shop. 

Run by two lovely volunteer ladies, it's not like any other charity shop I've been to before. For starters, it's in a portacabin! Inside was a whole mixture of clothes, pottery, games, books and more. 

After a gentle browse I was just about to say my goodbyes when I noticed a little corner full of buttons, haberdashery and loads of lovely knitting needles and patterns!! As I'm sure you can imagine, for those of you that know my love of all things haberdashery related and of course, knitting related, I did a mental punch in the air!

As I couldn't remember for the life of me what size knitting needles I own, I've decided to go back next week with a list of those sizes that I own, so that I can snap them all up. To keep myself quiet until then, I picked up these cute pieces for the amazing price of Β£1.50 for the lot! Blimey!

I really love these charcoal grey buttons, especially next to the bright yellow ones. 

I love how these metal buttons are slightly worn, giving them a shabby chic look.

For those of you who aren't familiar with knitting accessories, don't worry, this isn't a large pin to hold my briefs up! Ha ha! It is in fact a stitch holder for holding a part of your knitting while you carry on knitting a separate part. I have one but it's ginormous, so this little lady is thoroughly welcome to my knitting accessories clan!

This is another one for those knitters out there...a tension checker. For those of you that aren't familiar, it's not to check how tense you are when knitting (though a device like that might be useful when a knitting pattern isn't going your way! Ha ha!), it's to gauge whether you're knitting to the right size i.e. so you don't end up with an over sized jumper. Mental image of a Christmas jumper two sizes too big coming right at you!

Have you picked up a bargain recently? I'd love to hear about it!

Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x

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