Polly put the kettle on...

I've been beavering away over a range of colours for my popular Mrs Teapot brooch and they're now up for grabs in my shop! Let me introduce you to them in person...

Mrs Red Teapot is quite bold, daring to mix up pink and red. She started out in the shop on her own, so is a bit of mothering figure to the other guys. She loves going out and about on coats mainly. She likes her tea strong and tends to favour good ol' English Breakfast.

Mrs Blue Teapot is the quiet, intelligent type. She loves nothing more than venturing out on a bright winter's day, followed by a good cup of tea by the fire, with a good book or maybe her knitting. Her favourite tea is Earl Grey.

Mrs Green Teapot is very active. Her favourite sport is climbing trees, so that she can watch the birds soar on the breeze. When she's not climbing trees, she's usually sewing seeds in the garden, followed by a cup of tea under the apple tree. She loves all types of tea but if pushed top of the list would probably be mint tea,with a spoonful of sugar.

Mrs Pink Teapot is the chatty type, loving nothing more than a good catch up with friends over tea and cake. When she's not finding out the latest gossip, she tends to be off hunting for a bargain at the local flea market. Mrs Pink Teapot is quite particular about her tea and tends to favour a fruit blend, especially raspberry and cranberry tea.

 Mrs Gold Teapot is an extremely glamorous lady. She loves nothing more than to accompany some sparkly number on a night out, dancing the evening away. You would expect her to favour perhaps an "irish" type of tea on her night's out but in fact, she's a teatotaller. On night's out she has her tea black with a slice of lemon.

Nice to meet you ladies! I hope you find a great companion one day!

Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x