Get your craft on!

Amazing art work by Ruth! Isn't she a talented lady!

Last night I hosted my first ever craft club, which I'm calling 'Get your craft on'! It was sooooooooooo much fun! We had tea, cakes (see below!), nibbles, wine, music and LOTS of giggles! The predominant craft was knitting, with a bit of card embroidery and crochet thrown in for good measure. We figured out confusing knitting patterns and I also had a go at teaching a friend how to knit...I now admire those who have taught me in the past. It's easier said than done but the needles, yarn and lovely square of knitting was taken away for practice. I'm hoping she's going to get hooked! ;-)

Some cakes with 'interesting' decorations!

We got a bit over excited decorating these cup cakes. In fact, it's fair to say we were hysterical by the end of it!

Can you see a face? ;-)

These are pretty much the extent of my all honesty I got so wrapped up in cake, knitting and giggling that I completely forget Mrs Camera was part of the group, so the beautiful Victoria sponge and scones that Jenny brought along got snapped up by us ladies but not by Mrs Camera, doh! Next time, more photos!

Do you have a craft club with friends? Are there any rituals or ideas you would recommend just for fun?

Ta ra,
Jo :-) x