Breaks in the county - Botanical Gardens, part 2

Mrs Camera and I got totally snap happy on this particular 'break in the county'. In fact, I have tonnes more photos, so I'm trying very hard to be selective. Anyhooo, here are some more shots I took before my frozen hands nearly dropped off! Oh, and here's a link to part one in case you missed it.

As there definitely wasn't the option to learn Latin at school, I had to look up the meaning of these sundial words. Apparently, 'Horas non numero nisi serenas' means 'I only count happy hours'. Isn't that beautiful!! If you're interested there's a really good wiki page listing various sundial motos.

I spent a bit of time under this tree in the crazy hope it would some how keep me warm. It felt really magical looking out through the branches at the snowy lawn.

I don't know what this plant is but thought it was pretty unusual. Anybody know?

This pathway had a canopy of branches covering it. Gorgeous.

Just off the pathway was this little gem...

Doesn't it look stunning... 

Opposite was the 'Sunken Garden'! There's a bench on the far side, which I intend to go and daydream on when the weather heats up.

This Redwing was very tame... 

The Botanical Gardens are huge, so plenty of exploring to do. On turning another corner, I saw this stunning plant, so bright and fiery in contrast to the snow.

I cannot wait to go back and explore the gardens some more, with Mrs Camera, Mr and my daydreams.

Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x