A little Robin for company

On Sunday, I could not wait to get out into the garden. After spending Saturday at the lovely vintage market, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get my wellies on and go out and play! 

*The seed collection is from Sarah Raven. She's a wonderful gardener and cook. Here's a link to her website*

As soon as I headed out, a little Robin popped on to the fence to say hello. I like to think he was there to keep me company, while whistling a few tunes. In truth though, I think he was more interested in the number of insects my gardening was producing. At one point, after flinging out a few rotten cardboard boxes from one of the out houses (we've just moved into a rented house, seems a previous tenant liked to hoard boxes in the out house! Lucky me, huh!), he flew down and quickly gobbled up a spider. As I was admiring his culinary skills, a large spider started creeping towards him. It was a pretty big spider, stealthy too. Just as I was starting to imagine a stand off between the two, plucky Mr Robin darted his beak forward and before I knew it, the spider was firmly in Robin's mouth! What a lovely moment.

I think it's safe to say that I was doing more tidying than proper down on your knees sowing seeds gardening. Here's a before shot of the mess:

And here's the after shot. I love how the sun was beaming down at this moment!

I found lots of bulbs hidden away under ivy and leaves. These daffodils, however, weren't shy. I can't wait until they bloom!

I'm not sure what these are. Anyone know? Are they tulips or is that wishful thinking?

Not sure what these guys are either. Any ideas?

As the seasons change, I'm really looking forward to sitting out in the garden, with a cup of earl grey, my knitting and Mr Robin, hopefully whistling me a tune.

Jo :-) x