Vintage style valentine handkerchiefs

I've been really busy beavering away with new designs and product photography over the last week. My necklace designs hit the shelves on Thursday and Friday and today I can unveil my latest new vintage style valentine handkerchiefs....


All of my handkerchiefs are made from 100% cotton, picked especially to be super kind on your skin and, of course, pretty to look at!

After pre-washing the fabric, drying and ironing, I cut out the handkerchief using my template (so that they're all the same size!) and very carefully create a double hem all the way around by folding, ironing, folding and ironing some more!

Next I select a complimentary cotton to machine sew the hem in place with. Then it's back to the ironing board to get the fabric ship shape before the embroidering begins.

After much sketching and re-sketching, I decide on an embroidery design and very carefully transfer the image to the corner. 

The next stage I love - choosing which colour embroidery thread to use! On goes the embroidery hoop, the needle is thread and the careful embroidering begins...when I'm happy, it's back to the ironing board to remove any transfer lines before hand sewing my 'Adventures and Tea Parties' label to the reverse side.

Finished? Umm, no, it's back to the ironing board for more pressing before hours of product photography, uploading, editing and reviewing before these little beauties well and truly have the spot light on them in my shop.

If one of these ladies is lucky enough to be picked, I sometimes find myself heading back to the needle and thread for that personalised touch...

...and yep, you've guessed it, back to the ironing board (these hankies certainly have me slaving over the iron but it's worth it!) for yet more pressing before preparing the free gift wrapping packaging...

And that's pretty much the journey of my vintage style handkerchiefs! I'd love to know what you think!

Jo :-) x