Typewriter goes mini...

Yay! I'm so excited to be sharing some of my new designs, most of which will be up in my shop soon!

Remember my vintage typewriter embroidery hoop art?

Well, you can now get a mini version...in blue...

...and pink...

I've slightly simplified the typewriter design and kept the embroidery on cream calico. I find the calico gives more warmth to the design, instead of a stark white cotton.

For the embroidery, I have carefully transferred the design using transfer paper and embroidered the transferred image by hand using 100% cotton embroidery thread. I love this part, seeing my design come to life millimeter by millimeter.

The next part I love even more, carefully encasing my design into a silver tone pendant, attaching the silver plated chain and voila!

Oh but hang on einen moment! Those little darlings didn't just jump on this here page! This is where even more hours and hours of work take place...the photoshoot!!

As I don't have a light box, I patiently wait for a bright sunny day and when that sun pops up, you won't see me for dusk. I'm up in my studio working with my assistant (my not answering back assistant - Mrs Camera! ;-) ) snapping away from every angle until I've got at least five decent photos. I take literally hundreds until I've got several angles and props that work for all my designs, so that there's some consistency.

Here are some other photos that I took. I would love to know your thoughts!