Product photography

I've found myself spending literally hours and hours with Mrs Camera recently, chasing what little light is available and testing out new props for my product snaps this week. 

It's like a love/hate relationship doing product photography. Hate = hours of work for a handful of photos. Love = getting those snaps that go ta dah!

I don't profess to be a professional photographer, far from it. What little I've learnt, I've learnt through much trial and error....and I'm still very much learning. 

However, I thought it was about time I did a post to share what I've learnt to date and also (hopefully!) find out more top tips from you guys, so here goes:

1. You don't need a fancy camera, a digital camera will do just fine but I would still like a fancy camera! ;-)

2. Light, light, light! When that sunny day arrives, get snapping! If the grey clouds continue to loom, look at making your own DIY Light Box. There are plenty of tutorials out there but this one's pretty good as it shows the DIY process from start to finish (I'm very much a visual learner!).

3. Get some props that nicely may need to try a few out before you get the one that works...

4. Think about your background. Are you going for the light box option or are you wanting more colour in the shot? Perhaps a shabby chic look? 

5. If you're intending on selling, show how the item can be used...customers love seeing the product in context.

6. Your product description is great but not everyone reads it or only casts half an eye, so make sure you capture everything the customer needs to know in your photos, as well as your description. For example, what's the back of the necklace like? Do you offer a personalised addition to your product? 

7. Do you offer gift wrapping? Well you should! The joy of receiving a handmade gift in beautiful packaging is half the fun isn't it? It doesn't have to be expensive. Remember to work your gift packaging into your overall cost. You've got to cover your costs! And of course, snap that beautiful gift wrapping up. Your customers want to see how pretty it is, right?

8. Spend time editing before publishing your images. It's really worth it. There is of course photoshop but there are also plenty of free photo editing tools out there, or you can crop and lighten images simply by right clicking on your picture (after uploading to your PC) and selecting edit. Voila!

9. And finally...ask for feedback. I know it's hard sometimes but constructive criticism can often save you time in the long run.

I may well add to this post over time as I travel along the learning curve but for now, if you have any top tips, I'd love to hear them, so please do share below.

I hope this is a little helpful! I'll be posting more business tips soon...the next one, pricing your products!

Ta da for now!
Jo :-) x