Lunch breaks in the city - Parish Church of St Stephen Walbrook

After claiming in my last Lunch breaks in the city post that I had only one more London lunch break to share, I've only gone and found another set of photos that I snapped up! These ones were taken on the way to the Globe one lunch time. As you can see it was a glorious sunny September day, a bit of a contrast to the grey overcast days we're having at the moment!

Anyhoo, on my way to the Globe, I came across this beautiful parish church, which was founded over 1000 years ago on the bank of Walbrook stream, occupying its present site since 1428. And guess who designed the building still present today? Only Sir Christopher Wren. Boy, was he a busy man after the Great Fire of London! Apparently, the church contains a Henry Moore designed central altar. It's design central at this place!

Slight fuzzy photo but what a lovely entrance hey? I particularly love the window above the entrance pictured below and also the curve of the top door edge, which I presume when closed creates a gorgeous circular shape with the arch above. Clever, clever design work. There should be more doors like this in my opinion.

This shot takes in the side of the church and a huge office building in the background. Ooh I do love a contrast of new and old buildings. 

Me and camera trying out some crazy angles and more contrasts of old and new architecture...

Isn't this little alley way at the side of the church so adorable and just look at the difference in brick colour compared to the pearly white at the front.

Ok, ok, now here's a little was actually this that caught my eye!! But can you blame me?!

Isn't it amazing!!! I was drooling when I happened across it. It's actually a sturdy fence to surround some huge construction work going on. Camera and I couldn't quite capture the true length of just one side but I'm sure you get the gist...

And here are a few extra shots, which I couldn't leave on the film reel!

I hope you enjoyed this week's 'Lunch breaks in the city'! Stay tuned for next week where I unveil my last London Lunch break in the city.