'Get your craft on' club!

Yay! I've been wanting to do this for ages...start a craft club with friends and it's finally happening! This Saturday me and my girlies are going to get together to learn, teach and share crafts with each other. There will be plenty of tea, cake, nattering and good ol' crafty time. We're hoping to make it a regular event, which I'll take pics of to share here and of course, let you know what craft we turn our hands to each time.

This Saturday, I think knitting and crochet will be on the cards as I teach a friend (who apparently has a "crafty person desperate to get out" of her!) how to knit and practice my new 2013 craft - crochet. I'm really looking forward to it! 

Are you part of a craft club or indeed, thinking of starting one? I'd love to hear all about it!

Ta ra for now!
Jo :-) x