First new craft of 2013

It's on my 2013 list of things to do...learn how to crochet and last Sunday my friend and I headed over to Knit One in Leicester for a whole day of beginner's crochet. 

With our crochet hooks and choice of delicious cotton yarn at the ready, we learnt how to make a slip knot, chain stitch, double/half treble/treble stitch, slip stitch, crocheting into a foundation chain and work rows before having a lovely lunch and plenty of much needed tea!

With our bellies full and the crochet addiction already setting in, we got going on Granny squares before finishing off with some lovely little flowers. 

It was so much fun and since then I've starting creating more Granny squares with the the gorgeous cotton yarn I just had to purchase before heading off in the snow for home. The cotton yarn is super lovely, easy to work with and comes in a whole range of scrumptious colours! I don't think any of us left without buying some! Well, you've got to practice with something, right?! ;-) 

Have you tried a new craft for the new year or have you got something planned in the pipeline? I'd love to know what everyone's up to!

Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x

Joanna Payne9 Comments