Lunch breaks in the city - Old Street, part 2

Part 2 of yesterday's Lunch breaks in the city series saw me go around the corner to this! Absolutely incredible!

I absolutely love this image of a floating head. It's beautiful.

Not sure why there's so much mystical, fantastical street art images around Curtain Road but there are and well, they're pretty damn cool!

I love how the street art continues on to the pavement....

The next few images blew me away...I love, love, love the colour combinations in the Broken Fingaz art below...

I wonder if this is by the person who did the bird in my very first Lunch breaks in the city post?

Eye spy with my little eye a flying pig! 

No, I didn't fall over as I was taking this shot, just playing around with angles. Do you think it works?

This image on the side of a building is for Anti Slavery International charity. Pretty incredible!

I love how the lamp post is part of the art work too...

Just as Camera and I were heading back to work, we stumbled upon this funky guy...Don't you just love him!

Hope you like this week's Lunch break in the city. I have one more London lunch break to share with you all before this blog series takes on Leicester and the surrounding counties for lunch and weekend breaks.

Happy Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing time.