Love over gold...

I don't really know where to start with this blog post. I've considered not writing anything at all but then I reminded myself that this blog is about me, my life, my loves and losts. Not everything in life is rosy and sometimes it helps to write about the bad times, as well as the good.

On Thursday 15th November my Dad suddenly passed away. He was 63, had just got through prostrate cancer and without any warning died of a heart attack. The shock is immense. The emotions and feelings are long, hard and utterly draining. I am so numb that I feel like I'm walking around in a dream, watching myself.

An old school friend wisely told me that grief is very personal and that in this surreal time you feel like a sad, sad alien. She's right and reading those words of hers is helpful in reminding myself that I'm not going mad.

I know it will take time, so I'm going to remind myself, my family and my Dad's close friends, of these wise words when we have particularly low moments.

I have some happier blog posts to post up soon, however, it would feel rather odd, after what has happened, not to acknowledge it in some way. I guess writing this post is cathartic and will help in moving on.

Life certainly is trying at times but it's also rather short, so all I can really say if you're reading this is...go and grab life, give it a tap on the shoulder, turn it around, shake it up, then smile, laugh and run with it.

Jo x