Lunch breaks in the city - Spitafields Market

Ok, I can finally reveal my most favourite place to go on my lunch breaks in the city....Spitafields Market! I have a love-hate relationship with this market. I love having it so close to work that I can spend nearly a whole hour mooching around but I hate what it does to my wallet! ;-)  I can ALWAYS find something to buy. In fact, I had a period a little while back where I had to ban myself from going. Yes, it got that bad! Anyway, I managed to reign myself in and can actually just look without spending now. Do you have somewhere you love to hang out? I'd love to hear where!

Here are the snaps I took on a lovely sunny day a good for weeks ago now....

On the approach to the market is this goat on some boxes. Cool eh!

I could spend hours looking at this old style shop outside Spitafields...

Trying to practice some fancy camera shots. I know what I was going for but not sure I've really got it. Anyhoo, these fancy shops surround the gem of the market inside.

This is actually a sits with a pear but the pear and the camera didn't get on that day. There's no pleasing some people! 

A pigeon for company...

Finally, inside the market!

I hope you like this week's' Lunch break in the city'! I would love to hear of special places you go to get away from it all. Do you have a favourite where you can literally feel all your troubles float away?