Juliet the balcony

This is our "garden", otherwise know as Juliet the balcony, ha ha! As you can see, I've crammed as many plants into our little space as possible and we can still get a chair out there. A chair for one I must add.

I really enjoyed those sunny weekend days, sat on the chair for one, surrounded by the luscious sights and smells of these happy plants, with an obligatory cup of tea and my knitting or embroidery. Now that it's too windy and wet for that, I'm remembering it fondly. It was very simple, peaceful and utterly relaxing.

With autumn apon us I'm now enjoying snuggling up inside with my knitting, looking out at my planty friends and also watching the trees turn into beautiful autumnal shades. I'm also enjoying (a little more than I should possibly admit, shush!) purposefully stepping on a crispy leaf and hearing it go CRRRRUNCH!

Are you remembering a nice moment of the summer or embracing the change in season? Or maybe both?