Lunch breaks in the city - walking the boards

It's beautiful weather in London at the moment, so perfect for sun filled strolls around the city at lunch time. Today I took my camera on one of my favourite walks over Southwark Bridge. The walk usually continues along part of the South Bank, over the Millenium Bridge, past St Pauls and back to work. However, camera kept begging me to stop, so we only got as far as...The Globe Theatre!

I absolutely love this place, hence the walk being one of my favourites. Whenever I walk past, I always think about the first time I ever went there and acted on the stage! Ha ha, no one need know that it was part of a school trip right?! Lets pretend for the time being that I was auditioning for the role of Juliet, ha!

It's a little far away but that's Tower Bridge over yonder with the Paralympics logo! 

Over we go! 

My camera fancied a few arty shots...oh go on then!

Saw this beautiful mural on the way...not the best picture, so might have to go back and get a better shot...


I couldn't seem to snap the beautiful gated entrance to The Globe, without someone standing in front of it. The joys of going to a tourist hot spot hey! 

My camera got very excited about the pics below and snapped them up! 

And who sits proudly opposite The Globe on t'other side of river? Only St Pauls! Ooh maybe a trip there next time! 

Back to work over Southwark Bridge and what a beauty she is!

Hope you enjoyed this week's 'Lunch break in the city'. I'll be back next week with probably the most favourite place of all I like to spend (in many senses of the word! Ooh I'm such a tease!) a lunch break!

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!