Introducing my new blog design and brand!

Morning folks!

This week has been pretty epic in that I said bye-bye to 'Harry and LeeLee' (sob, sob) but in turn I said a big HELLO to 'Adventures and Tea Parties!' (woop, woop!).

Yep, sadly 'Harry and LeeLee' wasn't working out for me, so I had to make the scary decision of basically starting over again. I was deliberating over this decision for a while: is it worth it, what will my followers think, what about all the hard work of changing absolutely everything over, how do I go about it...and so on and so forth. But you know what? It's the best decision I've made. It feels much more right and exciting. Obviously only time will tell but at the moment I'm happy! And that happiness is hugely due to one very talented person, Jenny from Jenny and the Magic Feather!

I was looking for someone to help me create a blog design, which reflected what Adventures and Tea Parties is about and had been following for a while Jenny's blog revamps with utter admiration. Every blog revamp she has created is a piece of beauty but when I saw the latest design of the blog Sallytangle, I was cooing and ahhing so much I thought, right that's it and hit Jenny's contact page!

And oooh, oooh, what a lovely gal she is! A total gem to work with, she totally understood and captured what I was looking for. I felt like Jenny was as excited and committed to my new blog as I was and I simply cannot recommend her enough! Seriously, this girl is going places! Thank you so much Jenny, you've made me and my blog very happy, with lots of exclamation marks to boot!!!

So, without further ado, lets cut the red tape and welcome Adventures and Tea Parties to the world! Hurrah! [wipes tears of joy away from face ;-) ]

If you would like to know more about Jenny, check out her fabulous blog here and an interview I did with her for my Blog Gem series!