New listings in my shop!

It's a bit of a rainy start to the bank holiday weekend down here in sunny Surrey, so a perfect day for posting up some brand new listings in my Etsy shop!

I had this design idea in my head for a while but what with getting married, honeymoon, the day job and the general shizzle of life, I haven't had any time to get them photographed and listed in my shop. So finally the rain comes down, sending me packing indoors, grappling with light for a few shots of my......hand embroidered notebooks! 

Yep, I've painstakingly hand embroidered my vintage typewriter and telephone designs on to the front of these moleskine journals. It takes a lot longer to hand embroider journals than it does cotton but it's so much fun to do! I absolutely loved making these and have plans for more...depending on what you guys think! You can find them over in my Etsy shop.

Hope everyone's having a good start to the bank holiday!
Adios amigos,
:-) x