Fabric covered notebook tutorial

This is a super easy, quick project, which requires no sewing or craft knowledge what-so-ever! In fact, once you've finished, you'll want to cover every note book you can lay your hands on in fabric!


Square piece of fabric - enough to cover a notebook with a 2cm seam allowance
Button or other embellishment


1) Iron your piece of fabric.

2) Place fabric right side down. Open up the notebook, place on your fabric and draw around the edge, leaving a 2cm seam.

3) Cut out each corner, remembering not to cut over the outline of your notebook.

4) Cut two notches at the spine of your notebook. To do this place your notebook on the fabric to line up correctly.

5) Place your notebook on the fabric with the front facing the back of the material. Glue the top and bottom edges of one side and fold the fabric over, wiping up any excess glue.

6) Glue the long edge and fold over the fabric, again wiping up any excess glue.

7) Leave open to dry. Put your feet up whilst you're waiting for it to dry.

8) Repeat steps 5-6 for the back of the notebook...put the kettle on....

9) When it's dry, add any embellishments you like. I glued two buttons on top of each other to the front, leaving to dry until firmly attached. You could anything - ribbon, beads, etc. You could even embroider a cute motif after you've finished step 4. Lots of fun possibilities!

This is such a fun, easy, quick project that you'll be covering everything with fabric that you can lay your hands on! Enjoy!

Jo :-) x