My first purchase from One Sheepish Girl...

...arrived the other day!!! Ooh, boy was I excited!

I've been hopping around the post box like an excited kid at Christmas, actually like an excited adult at Christmas! We all get excited about Christmas don't we...and presents in general, even if you've bought the present for yourself, ha! So anyway, I was smiling like a cheshire cat when I saw the parcel waiting for me!

I wanted to post some pics up straight away but the light was terrible, so held on until a bit of sun appeared again. Here are the snaps I took. They're still not great but I couldn't wait any longer for full on lovely sunshine! Obviously these snaps don't do it justice but in the flesh the design is adorable! Beautifully made and presented really nicely. I'll definitely be shopping at Meredith's Etsy shop again!

Have you purchased anything handmade recently? Don't you just love handmade! I completely swoon over anything handmade. All that attention to detail and unique design gets my heart beating! :-)