Another couple from the archive...

Here are some cushions I made a little while back. The polka dot cushions were a custom order from my Dad, using some of my favourite polka dot cotton I purchased from Copperfield in Anglesey. If you've never been to Copperfield, go, go! It's one of my favourite shops, full to the rafters with beautiful fabric, yarn, buttons, and more. If only I lived closer - it's a bit of a trek from London!

The wool cushion I knitted up (for my Mum) in a basket weave stitch, which, as the pictures show, I was way too loose with my tension, so the basket weave effect isn't very clear. On the flip side, this means the smell of the lovely fresh lavender that I filled it with, comes bursting through. I'm planning on making some lavender cushions for myself to help me drift off at night...and stop my brain thinking of more craft projects!

I would love to see a link to any projects you've been working on or something from the archives!