Sharing craft projects

I thought I'd start sharing some craft projects I've worked on over the years, which I've made purely for the fun of making, giving as gifts or personal commissions. So, without further ado, here's a cushion I created for my colleague, using his Mum's vintage fabric (the patterned fabric, not the black cotton backing).

I think this has been one of my most stressful projects I've done to-date. Not only was the fabric vintage (so little chance of finding any more of it should a mistake occur in the sewing process!) but it also meant a lot to my colleague as it was given to him by his Mum. No pressure, ha! Oh and there was a very limited amount of fabric for the request of two cushion covers, hence the use of black cotton for the backing. So, basically no room for errors what-so-ever!

If you times this cushion cover by two, then this was pretty much all the patterned fabric I had to work with (each cushion cover measured roughly about 30cm x 30cm). Now I look at these pictures, I'm quite pleased with this project. Although at the time all I could see were errors and ways it could be improved - the problem of creating stuff hey, you always tend to see how the finished piece could be improved rather than appreciating it in full! Or maybe I'm too self-critical?! I'm trying not to be, hence being brave and publicly saying now that I'm pleased with it. Actually maybe that's a British thing? We're too modest per chance? Hmm, who knows! Anyway, a way to over come that is to share more of my craft projects, so stay tuned (I've got a whole computer file full of pics!) and please feel free to post a link to pics of your recent craft projects. I'd love to see them and for more of us to be brave and share our creations! :-)

Adios Amigos,