Duckie Christmas Market!

Today's the day! The start of the fab Duckie Christmas Market. With over 60 stalls, great crafty workshops and shows to go see, it's going to be a winner! And for those that like their taste buds tantalised, here are few* snaps of some my new designs, all available to purchase. And and and, tickling taste buds continued, for those few lucky people that dare to ask me what's in my cake tin, you might just get a sample of a new recipe I whipped up yesterday! That's if it makes it to the market! ;-)

One of many new purse designs!

Bird flaunting her new red Christmas outfit! Why that goes nicely with those polka dots Bird! And you're sure to cheer anyone up when they need to use this fun handkerchief!

 My new fabric button range!

 And my new fabric brooch range!

Adios amigos and hopefully see you all at the Barbican!

*tip of the iceburg! ;-)