30 new things - No.15

No.15: Pizza!

On Saturday me and Mike made our very first pizza, including the dough! Although the emphasis should totally be on Mike as I was pretty much sofa bound what with being greeted with a nasty sore throat, headache, and temperature, urgh. What I can claim is that I helped put a couple of toppings on, i.e. lifted some chopped pepper and placed on pizza. Pretty much all I was capable of this weekend.

Anyway, we were so proud we took a photo:

Yep, it's on a tray. It felt appropriate to eat our first home-made pizza off a tray in front of the tv! Plus, my 'contribution' (see above) to pizza making had pretty much worn me out! Cue violins please.

No. 15 means I'm exactly half way through the '30 new things' game and I've only got 12 days to go, eek! Going to have to get my thinking cap on if I want to complete it. Any ideas are warmly welcome!!!

Adios Amigos,