30 new things - finished!!

Yay, I finished it and just in time too! Here are the last new things I did. Ok, so some of them are totally birthday related but why not!

No.22: Had champagne on a train at lunch time. Come on, it was my 30th we were celebrating and what better way to do it!

No.23: Went on a treasure hunt round Brighton. The prize? See number 24.

No.24: Treated to the most delicious surprise meal by Mike, in which I tried skate for the first time. It was absolutely gorgeous, mmm! For those that live in Brighton or fancy a day out, I recommend going to the Meadow Restaurant.

No.25: Despite loathing the stuff, I tried a coffee (allbeit with lots of sugar and milk in!), drank the lot and enjoyed it!

No.26: Had a stranger walk into our hotel room in the middle of the night!!! Apparently he had the wrong key! A little frightening to say the least! Has that ever happened to anyone before?!?

No.27: Hotel manager gave us a bottle of red wine to apologise for no.26. Hmmm? No, that doesn't really make up for it. Letter of complaint going their way? Yes indeedy! Maybe it's wrong to add this and no.26 as new things but they were, so on they go!

No.28: Saw some new comedians at the Komedia and probably embarrassed those around me by laughing raucously! Excellent stuff! :-)

No.29: Bought myself a birthday present - a beautiful bright reddy orange coloured coat, complete with hood! I love it and now have the look of Little Red Riding Hood about me! :-)

No.30: Turned 30 years of age!!!

Yay! All done and my conclusions? It was fun, got me to be a little adventurous and I would totally recommend playing it! BUT next time, if there is indeed a next time, I might give myself just a little bit more time! ;-)

Adios Amigos!