Moose loose aboot this hoose!

Zzzzzz, mmmmm, nice sleep, ahh this sleep is sooo good! Hmm, what's that I hear? Am I dreaming of rustling, nibbling sounds!? Zzzzz...Why on earth would I be dreaming of rustling sounds?

BAM! I'm awake! It's 12.30am and for the third night in a row I hear what is undoubtedly Mrs Mouse either under the bedroom floorboards or (and here's NOT hoping) under our bed, ewww!

Yep, what started off as a very deep lovely sleep last night, soon turned into mouse rage! How dare Mrs Mouse wake me up for the 3rd night running. What does she want?  A bed time bleedin' story about the demise of the cat and cup of cocoa?!?! Maybe we're feeding her too many blue sweeties, hence the incessant, manic, crazed nibbling at 12.30am three nights on the trot!

Well, enough is enough! Tonight is project "Moose loose aboot this hoose" [Scottish accent helps here]! And what better way to introduce it than this little video. I fear this is possibly what we will encounter!

Adios amigos!
Jo x