30 new things

It's fast approaching and I'm counting down the days. It always comes around so quickly but this year it's that little bit special. I know the cards, decorations and presents are already in the shops but this isn't about Xmas, nor is it a cryptic crossword clue. It's about my birthday and it's not any old birthday [drum role please], it's my 30th!!! [Cue shocked expressions - c'mon I don't look 30 do I? Ha ha!]

Ok, so rather than go on about how shocked I am that I'm going from my early twenties to 30 in, what feels like, a matter of days. Instead, I'm going to share a little game I'll be playing before I get the last train out of twenties-ville.

I've come across various forms of this 'to-do-over-a-set-number-of-days' game over the years but recently I found a new version at one of my favourite blogs. Kim from 
Hiphopsideproject is doing 27 things before turning 27 in Jan 2012. From what I can gather, it seems like the idea is to do this over a year and the things/challenges/to-do's can range from plain to plain crazy! I think it's a brilliant idea and one I've got to try!

Maybe I've left it a little too late to do 30 things over a year (or significant amount of time). In fact, I've only got 4 weeks left. Actually 28 days including today. Ok, ok, if we're including from the moment I posted this, it's now 27 days and 6 hours remaining. Hmm, maybe a to-do-list of 30 things over 27 days and 6 hours is a bit ambitious but I really want to do it.

Here's an idea. How about 30 new things over 27 days and 6 hours. These can range from walking a different route to work to cooking a new recipe to saying hello to that 'same-stranger-you-see-every-morning-on-the-commute-to-work'. Anything goes, as long as it's something I've never done before and if I can add a bit of craft to it, then I'll give myself extra brownie points. Ok, so the points are just for my benefit but I've gotta reward myself right?! ;-)

I'll chalk each new thing up on the board and if possible post up a photo capturing the moment. Obviously, I can't always capture the moment with my camera - my 'same-stranger-you-see-every-morning-on-the-commute-to-work' would probably be a bit freaked out if I took a photo of the event. I'm not at Dave Gorman's level yet.

So, starting today, here are the '30 new things' game rules I'm setting myself:

  • Do 30 completely different new things over 27 days and 6 hours.
  • Do no more than 3 new things in a day - c'mon it would be boring if I did a 30 course meal of new dishes in 1 sitting. For starters I'd be sick and the photographic evidence would be rather messy.
  • Any suggestions received for new things are welcome BUT they're only suggestions folks. Remember this is suppose to be fun! However, if they sound too good not to try, then I'll try!
Right! First new thing! What's it to be?! Stay tuned, evidence to be posted later!
Adios Amigos,