30 new things - No.6 & 7

Another double-whammy! That rocky moment from yesterday must have geared me up. Although the first new thing of today was complete chance....

No.6: Was busy working away this morning, when I looked up from my desk to see a helicopter (outside the office, thankfully). Now I see helicopters most days, what with working on the 14th floor in a city skyscraper, but this seemed closer than ever. It even got me to move from my desk and get a closer look and lo and behold it was going in to land! And this wasn't any old landing, it was landing on a roof of another big city building! Maybe some of you have seen hundreds of helicopters land on roof tops but not me, whic,h deservedly so, produced a little yelp of joy! Oh dear! Anyway, as this is a first, I thought it should be a new thing - a new sighting! However, this doesn't end here. When I told my boyfriend he said it was pretty cool and made a change from his daily view, which he kindly sent me a picture of....

Ha ha ha haha!

No.7: Finished a new bag design I've been working on. Think it needs some tweaking but still it's another new thing for the board.

Up early tomorrow (on a Saturday as well!) as off for a 24hour holiday to a place I've never been to before, so hopefully that'll produce a weekend of new things!

Have a good weekend everyone!
Adios Amigos,