30 new things - No.4 & 5

No.4: Finally checked out two new pieces of sculpture that have been sitting in the foyer of the building I work in and they're amazing!

The first one I saw is a frog mid air, leaping. It's reflected in a mirror to give the impression of two frogs. Might not sound too impressive but it's certainly better in the flesh so to speak!

The second one I saw is definitely my favourite and I'm going back for another look. In actual fact I've been walking past it every day for a little while now but until you're up close you don't realise that it's actually an optical illusion of a face. Simply walking past, you would be fooled into thinking it's just some random bits of clay, hanging from the roof of the display box. However, if you walk up, following the 3 steps towards it, a face immerges as if by magic. Absolutely brilliant! Oh and forgot to add, the string holding these pieces of 'face' are held by clay fingers and thumbs. Maybe you can read something into that but for me, it's all about the optical illusion.

Ooh I've really enjoyed no.4 of my new things today!

No.5: I'm not sure I can even bear to write this down, it's so boring in comparison! BUT, it's new, so lets have it. I've created a new email signature for my Harry and LeeLee gmail account. I told you! That's it, no optical illusions, no faces, no clay, just a new email signature.

Right, moving swiftly on, lets chalk these up on the board and do some sums.

Five new things completed, twenty-five to go and twenty-four days left to do them in. I feel a Rocky moment coming on! Eye of the tiger, la la la la....

Adios Amigos,