30 new things - No.1

My first new thing is.....a new recipe! Chocolate and banana muffins have been chalked up on the board!

Here are some pics of the muffin process in action!


And to celebrate the start of the game, I etched the figure 30 in the pie I was making for dinner. Why not?!

Mmmmm, which one to eat first?

For those of you who want the muffin recipe, it's a Nigella one, which you can find here. The pie is Ithaca pie, which I got from Sarah Raven's In Season cook book. Click here for a slightly different version as I can't find her recipe online. It may sound like it's a sludge of green hidden by pastry but it's actually super tasty and not sludgy in the slightest!

Stay tuned for No.2 of my 30 new things!
Adios amigos,