30 new things - No. 12

No. 12 - Technological advancement....of sorts!

After nearly 3 hours of photographing (in bad light!), uploading, and playing around with various photo editing tools last night, I had one BIG headache!! As you can imagine, me and the computer were starting to full out and the bin was looking like the best new home for all technical devices within a 4cm radius of me!

Luckily, to save the day, in walked a technical super hero.......Mike! And what happened? He managed to fix no.12 of my new things within 20 minutes!!! Boy was I a happy bunny, especially as it gave me the chance to put my feet up and watch Kirstie's Handmade Britain on a technical device more favoured at that point!

After some inspiring creativity from Kirstie, it seemed me and the computer still needed some time out before no.12 was completed.

We've now kissed and made up and I can finally present to you no.12 of my new things: a new shop banner, ta-dah! I hope you all like it!

Stay tuned for no.13.
Adios Amigos,