My first blog!


This is my first post and what better way to feel at home than by the smell of home cooked bread...well, if this was smell-a-blog then right now you'd get that lovely comforting smell of bread. So, instead a picture will have to suffice! ;-) I cannot claim credit for this actual loaf. It is made by the hand of my other half - Mike - and like this post being my first, this was his first loaf! And a mighty tasty loaf it was too!

Anyway, moving on, as this blog isn't going to be entirely devoted to the art of bread! Bread will certainly be on the menu but so will my more crafty side - sewing, knitting, embroidering, screen printing, sketching and other new crafts I start to learn along the way. Any new craft suppliers, shops, markets, fairs, events, competitions I discover will be posted up as soon as I discover them, as well as new projects I'm working on and no doubt some random bits chucked in for good measure!

I hope this blog brings a bit of crafty inspiration and some giggles along the way!

Enjoy! Jo x