In prep for going to the fab North London Vintage market last Saturday we, yep, went to a late night vintage craft fair on the Friday at The Haberdashery. No one ever said you could have too much vintage in less than 12 hours hey?! We literally went just to have a poke around,  however we accidentally came home with this:

I'm not quite sure how it happened.....alright, I am and I'm proud of it! ;-) A framed chalk board! Everyone needs one right?! Just think of the things you can write on it! Aside from the obvious writing lists (well if you're an incessant list writer like myself!) but also...reminders....notes....poetry to your loved one.....quotes.....jokes......drawings......ummm....the day's breakfast, lunch and dinner menu (to give home that gastropub feel!).....ummm......a brain storming session?......a doodling session?.......a colouring-the-whole-chalk-board session? Ok, ok, I'm out of ideas...for now! And before I say adios amigos, one thing to note about a chalk board: it requires CHALK! Yep, we couldn't believe it when we discovered we had NO chalk in the flat and neither of us have purchased any yet. Scandalous I know!! Ok, operation Friday - BUY CHALK! Better chalk that reminder up....doh! [Jo returns back to the computer]

Adios amigos!