Now that Tina's settling my nerves, I have to tell you right away about a very cool workshop I headed to last Saturday. No, no, don't click away. This wasn't some powerpoint-suit-infested-matches-holding-the-eyelids-up workshop. This was a FREE (including tea and croissants!) D.I.Y Xmas gift workshop run by the lovely people over at Duckie. The whole idea to the workshop was to introduce the Duckie Xmas Market, get advice/tips/suggestions on designing and selling home-made arts and crafts, and of course to meet people in the same hand-made business boat. And that's exactly what it did!

I met some incredibly talented and super lovely designers, plus got some much needed advice. Came away with a pocket full of business cards and a clear head, full of where me and my designs are going next! On that note, cue my latest design - the retro red telephone - but not quite as you've seen her before. She's now framed!

And she doesn't half like posing for the camera! Click here to see more!

Adios amigos!
Jo x