Daddy mouse alert!

These mice are getting weirder and weirder!!

I mean it's enough of a shock when one shoots out from the basement and especially when we're on the hunt for a particularly characterful pirate mouse as blogged about on Sunday:

Just think about, the day I see this bad girl gang leader there won't be a chair higher enough in the flat to jump on but just imagine something bigger, more scary, dare I say it - more characterful! Ouch!

Oh jeez it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it! I'm nearly running for the hills already!

I know, I know, you're probably thinking I'm referring to pirate mouse's ultimate mighty leader because there's always one right? You're thinking that there's only one godfather of mouse world - Mr Rat Father.

Ewww, several hills with ten chairs piled on top wouldn't be higher enough for me if Ratty came along!

But no! I'm not referring to Daddy Rat, I'm actually referring to the latest furry-creature-wanted-poster put through the letter box the other day.

Brace yourselves for it, it's VERY VERY SCARY! In fact, Mount Everest with a castle and 50 bar stalls piled on top wouldn't be higher enough for me.

Are you ready?


Well take a look below at this frightening furry creature


Look at it, it's like some mutant human mouse rat right out of some early 80s sci-fi film. But even worse, not only has it got glasses and a very cool t-shirt, but it's even got a bloomin' beard!!!! Also, not to mention the high quality photo, it's clearly a professional. This is too much! How on earth do I protect my cupboards full of lovely food, let alone the precious cheese, beer and midnight rounds of toast?!?! Help!!!!!!!!!!