A possible new addiction just walked into my life.....ummm....ok, so there was a new tasty cheese that walked into my mouth the weekend before BUT this is kinda cheese related......SOCKS! Socks? Yep, socks!

My lovely friend Ruth and I knitted (and talked, trust me you can't knit in silence!) our way through a sock knitting course at Nest on Saturday. Rather than tell you all the knits, purls and slip slip knits of a sock knitting pattern, I think the sock should do the show and tell:

A finished article such as this must be tried on right?

[Jo attempts her big toe, no luck]


I know! The infamous (and what better way to introduce him!) Harry could try it on!

Maybe from a different angle Harry?

Ok, so maybe it's a bit small but it's still a sock right! In fact, this is how small it actually is:

So, there you go, my first mini sock! I'm hoping the next sock or rather pair of socks (don't want the left foot getting cold now!) will fit either me or Harry! Actually, Ruth and I came up with a plan for our next pair, inspired by the sock course teaching assistant who's making some X-Factor socks. We're going to make our very own Strictly (Come Dancing) Socks! We're hunting down some fun patterns and yarn, then whilst Jason gets down on the dance floor we're going to getting knitting some socks glamorous enough to go with our dancing shoes! I'll post some photographic updates over the next few months, so check back soon! 

Adios amigos!
Jo (and now grumpy model, Harry), x