Oh hi there!

Do you love colour? Do you love standing out from the crowd? Maybe you're a creative at heart who loves nothing more than a flipping good blog post on the matter? Dog lover? Crazy cat lady? Weekend crafter? Serial tea drinker? Small creative business owner? In need of a gift, like now?! Then you've landed on the right page! 

Hello and welcome to Adventures & Tea Parties, a bright accessory brand and creative lifestyle blog. There is everything you need from fun new designs to treat yourself to (or someone else but hey, it's really for you, right?) AND a blog jam packed with creative inspiration. 

On the blog you can find all sorts, from colour themed photography, behind the scenes interviews with bloggers and artists, the super popular Day in the Life series (go on, you know you want to take a peek!), as well as tips on social media to sewing to running your own business and even lifestyle musings. It's basically a place to share my findings with you and shout about all things creative because creativity, blogging and running my own business totally saved my bacon and inspired Adventures & Tea Parties.


My Story

Ok, so I should probably expand on the saving bacon part, yeah?  Actually, it's really important to me and it's why Adventures & Tea Parties is here on the planet.

Back in 2012 after rediscovering my creative mojo, having opted to ignore it when I left school to pursue a "sensible" career as a librarian (yes, really), life went on a rollercoaster ride. No one needs to hear the nitty gritty of that ride because hey, haven't we all got life wounds? Any way, it was a very dark ride and a chapter of my life that I can't believe really happened now. Just as the "ridiculous chapter", as I like to call it, began, I had literally just been asked by NOTHS to sell with them. I said yes and orders started rolling in, like properly rolling in and people started reading my blog, connecting with me on social media, chatting with me about running a solo business online and I began meeting the most incredible creatives, who are now life long friends. I was like, hang on a minute, what is this world, what is happening, this is brilliant! I grabbed on to it with both hands, didn't let go and that wonderful world kept me sane from the "ridiculous chapter". It saved my bacon.


What's happening now?

Fast forward 5+ years of slogging away evenings and weekends while still working as a full time librarian, Adventures & Tea Parties is now my full time business and my absolute passion.

Everything you see in my shop is inspired by this experience of getting through the tough times and saying hello to the world again! My designs are bold, colourful and happy; they stand out from the crowd, celebrate life and help treasure those special moments.  Whether it be a colour themed gift, a handmade handkerchief personalised with a special date to a fun bandana for your pet or a bespoke tie for that special occasion or a new home key ring, Adventures & Tea Parties is for those of us who have got or are getting through the tough times. So, what are you waiting for, pop over to the shop to see my latest designs and head to my blog for a dose of creative inspiration.


More about me

As well as being a full time creative business owner, I am also a freelance writer and photographer. I currently work for both Simple Stylish Makes and This is your kingdom sharing creative inspiration and ideas for having adventures in the UK. 

I love sharing products, brands and services that fit with the Adventures & Tea Parties vibe and working collaboratively. If you'd like to share your brand or work together, then I'd love to hear from you, so do drop me a line.

When I'm not working I can usually be found out in the garden. I absolutely love growing my own flowers and food. I'm currently trying to master the art of growing the sweetest tomatoes and sweetcorn. As well as being a plant lover, I am a complete and utter music addict, listening to it, watching it and dancing to it. My other passions include, if you haven't already guessed, anything creative and colourful. In June 2017 I created the Colour My Every Day Instagram Challenge, encouraging people to look for and appreciate colour every day. Read all about it here and get involved!

Now, that's enough about me. Who are you? I want to hear all about you, so come say hi on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I love a good natter!


The studio

Everything you see in the shop is designed and handmade by me in my Somerset studio. The only items that I have assistance with are my key ring and pin designs, which are manufactured in the UK by Bespoke Laser UK and Zap! Creatives. All raw materials are sourced from UK suppliers. 

I love sharing photos of my latest designs, as well as my weekend hobby of dress making. If you fancy a look, head over to my Instagram page and checkout my Pinterest page too!